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Written By ICT Department on Selasa, 03 April 2012 | 08.26

We realise courses on-the-demand according to professional rules that were elaborated and verified by our long years’ experience.

Main steps of creating course are:
  • Identify the Client’s needs
  • Analyse available means and skills of the receivers
  • Gather materials
  • Choose the technology for the eLearning training
  • Prepare a scenario
  • Decide about the adequate didactic scheme and the path of learning
  • Prepare multimedia files
  • Turn the material into tasks, templates, metadata
  • Tests and eventual corrections
  • Publish the eLearning project - SCORM and AICC standard

* Please wait until All Subject entered in E-Learning Management. to enter SMAN 1 Salatiga E-School click here.

SMAN 1 Salatiga E-School is open on 07.00 WIB until after school activities.

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